Calimacil Sachem LARP Axe


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In the swamp forests of the Deep South, all but invisible amidst the hanging moss and marshy ground of the Peninsula, live a tribe of feral wood elves. So silent are they, and so deadly in their skill, that the Peninsula and its swamp forests have remained uncolonized by any race, Man, Dwarf, Elf, or Orc. Many have tried, lured by the promises of wealth and untold resources. All have returned home again, bearing their dead–cloven by the razor-sharp blade of a sachem, the light throwing axe of the wood elves. All slain by the skill of the Swamp forest People.


This generic LARP weapon from Calimacil is designed to work equally well as a throwing axe or a melee weapon. Although not as detailed as other axes, Sachem does not shirk on quality construction, and features the durable foam construction and core you’ve come to expect from Calimacil.


Perfect for any character from an elven huntress to a wild man to a marauding mercenary, Sachem: the Throwing Tomahawk, is a versatile weapon designed to fill a variety of character and sparring needs.

Weight (g): 78
Total Length (cm): 30
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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