Round Acrylic Brush No. 2


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Round Acrylic Brush No. 2

Designed by an award-winning body artist to precisely meet the unique needs of face and body painters, these superior Golden Taklon brushes have that all-important firm spring-back and shorter bristle length, giving you maximum control over your linework.

These long lasting brushes have  black acrylic handles (no flaking like wooden handles!), a tapered handle for sectioning paints and densely packed nickel plated ferrules that leave no space for water and paint to get trapped – making them easy to clean, and quick and hygienic to dry.

The #2 Round is a fine round brush, great for smaller details, very thin lines, and delicate accents, such as wispy spider webs. An ideal complement to the #4 and #6 Round, to give you the ability to provide further contrast in your line widths.

Fast Facts

  • Designed by an award-winning body artist
  • Superior Golden Taklon
  • Long lasting acrylic handles
  • No flaking like wooden handles
  • Nickel plated ferrules